Also, please remember when shooting Qualifiers and the Championship

"The first shooter of each group will be allowed (2) minutes to shoot his/her arrow and the remaining shooters will be allowed (1) minute. For the first shooter, time begins when the group in front of you clears the target or if the target is clear, when your group approaches. For remaining shooters, time begins when the shooter in front of you releases his/her arrow."

"In consideration of time, no shooter may glass the target from the shooting stake after taking his/her shot. Shooters may glass the target prior to shooting but are reminded of the time restriction for their shot."

"The shooter must touch the stake with a portion of his/her body"

2021/2022 Winners that are required to advance classes

It is the shooters responsibility to make sure they are in the correct class

The following shooters have taken 1st place or SOY in the class they shot for the season. Therefore, they are not allowed to compete in the class listed by their names below for a period of 2 years / season and must move into a different class.

2021 Winners (Seasons 22 & 23)

FH Alyssa Simmons
MH Brent Mander
MH Trapper Ferris
FHM Tihanna Martin
MHM Chip Ross

2022 Winners (Seasons 23 & 24)

FH Amy Atkinson
FH Billie Jo Brown
MH Matt McKenna
MH Quinten Strand
FHM Michelle Kollins
MHM David Skirmont

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